Chad Riffle got to present to educators today at the MACUL conference
5 months ago, Josh Hayes
Chad presents to a group of educators
We are experiencing internet and phone issues at the moment. We are working on it now and should be back up shortly.
6 months ago, Josh Hayes
We are currently experiencing a phone system outage. Should be brief. Rebooting servers now.
7 months ago, Josh Hayes
NWEA is experiencing issues, this is from "The MAP Growth testing system is experiencing issues, including slow performance and error messages while testing. If you are experiencing these symptoms, we recommend postponing testing until this issue is resolved. NWEA engineers are investigating this matter."
7 months ago, Josh Hayes
AWS (Amazon Web Services) is currently having some service issues. There are many many sites that are reliant on AWS for full or partial functionality of their websites. See status here:
8 months ago, Josh Hayes
The help desk website it back up.
8 months ago, Josh Hayes
Our help desk website is currently down. When submitting a ticket please also include your local tech in the email message.
8 months ago, Josh Hayes
Want to know how to add 2-step verification to your Google account? If so check out this video from Chad Riffle.
9 months ago, Josh Hayes